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Providing families with peace and tranquility since 1902, a promise fulfilled

Pinelawn Memorial Park And Arboretum is a non-sectarian cemetery prided on creating and maintaining a tranquil and serene environment. With over 500 acres of land featuring flowing fountains, historic monuments, vibrant flowers, and impressive trees, the goal of Pinelawn Memorial Park And Arboretum is to surround everyone who visits us in beauty so that we may bring peace even in the most trying of times.


"The policy of Pinelawn is and always will be, to make everyone's experience with us as beautiful and as tasteful as possible. Not merely by giving careful attention to all lawns, roads, foliage and flowers, and individual memorials but by developing a comprehensive park plan adapted to the size and resources of Pinelawn ... by which the beauty of each part will be designed to contribute to the beauty of the whole"

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  • Mary S.
    My sister and I very often take walks throughout the beautiful gardens at Pinelawn. Our walks provide us with cathartic escapes where we’re able to enjoy the tranquility and magnificence of the grounds while connecting with our parents, who are laid to rest at Pinelawn’s peaceful Garden of Normandie. It’s such a wonderful place to spend time with nature. Frankly, I have never seen a cemetery quite like Pinelawn, which shouldn’t even be referred to as a cemetery as it’s park-like grounds can be compared to the New York Botanical Gardens! My father was a veteran, and I believe he chose the Garden of Normandie for its beautiful landscape and stunning bronze Statue of Peace. Like my parents, my sister and I also realized the benefits of pre-planning and purchased property in Pinelawn’s Garden of Serenity, which is in close proximity to our parents. Plus, it’s very important to us to know that our family will not have to make any difficult future decisions or incur expenses. We couldn’t be more pleased.
    Mary S.
  • Richard S.
    I would like to thank you and your staff, in particular Pete M. and Mike S., for all their assistance in helping my family through the recent death of my father. As this was my first experience with the lost of a loved one, I was under a great deal of stress. Having Pete and Mike to help me deal with the process of a burial was very comforting. My family and I chose Pinelawn Memorial Park because we know firsthand of the care involved in maintaining the beauty and serenity of the park. I also know that my father would want to be by his grand-daughters.
    Richard S.
  • Chantal & Georges S.
    Thinking of purchasing a burial plot is a contemplative undertaking, no pun intended. We solely intended to purchase a plot for a gravely ill member of the family, but you demonstrated such professionalism, accompanied with patience, that we decided to purchase a plot for ourselves, and also for our aunt and uncle. We want to thank you so much for your assistance, guidance and sensitivity throughout this difficult period.
    Chantal & Georges S.
  • Ms. Eula J.
    This letter is to thank you and your staff for your considerable kindness during these past two years. I am overwhelmed with sheer joy at the pleasant manner in which you have assisted me in taking a considerable load off of my mind, by helping make comfortable payments in buying a burial space. Thanks to GOD and your staff, please give Mr. Murtha my best regards.

    May GOD bless both you and your families, once again thank you so very much.
    Ms. Eula J.
  • Maryse P.
    My name is Maryse P. I live in Miami and my sister Gladys in Long Island. Our mother Marguerite L. passed away two months ago on September 11th and was buried at your place the following Saturday.

    I join my family in sending you our sincere gratitude for your thoughtfulness and the impeccable service we received during that difficult time. We appreciate the idea of decorating the graves for the holiday season. Making them look so beautiful may help us celebrate the season with our loved ones whom we miss so much…Our Mom was with us last Christmas…Today we only have a memory.

    I thank you for your compassion.
    Maryse P.
  • Penny Miller
    My mom's remains have been at Pinelawn since 2010 the grounds are well maintained and they have a lot of services. I have since moved to another state but visit every birthday and mother's day and order the blanket wreath for Christmas. I always find the grounds in great condition. Only once did I arrive and found a problem I went to the office and they were so Apologetic. They went back to my mom's site and explained why things were that way and called me and sent a letter when I got back home.
    Penny Miller


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