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Plan Ahead

Why plan ahead?

Your future peace of mind begins by planning ahead today. When you purchase your memorial property in Farmingdale, New York before a time of need at Pinelawn Memorial Park And Arboretum, you safeguard an important family responsibility and ease the emotional and monetary strains on your loved ones, as well as secure the memorial property location of your choosing.
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By purchasing now, you’ll be able to:

• Lock in today’s lower prices
• Have preferential location availability
• Make small monthly payments, completely interest-free and as low as $45/month
• Receive added family security, protection, and peace of mind

The First Step

Help secure your family’s security and peace of mind by filling out the below information request form or call us at (631) 249-6100 and we will provide you with information on the available options here at Pinelawn Memorial Park And Arboretum. We will also include our complimentary planning guide “Let’s Face it Now”. This educational booklet will be your stand-by “counselor”, ready to answer vital family questions regarding:
• Wills
• Insurance
• Social Security Benefits
• Veteran Benefits and more
Simply fill out the below request form or call us at (631) 249-6100 so you can stay informed and educated before making this important decision. Complimentary pre-planning counseling is also available at our Farmingdale, New York location or within the privacy of your own home.

We make the process simple – At Pinelawn Memorial Park And Arboretum, we understand that even when purchasing memorial property ahead of need, this is a topic that needs to be handled with care and consideration. Which is why we ensure that our pre-purchasing process is uncomplicated. You choose the site you wish to purchase and create a payment plan that works best for you starting at $45/month.


Memorial Property in Farmingdale, New York is continually purchased at Pinelawn Memorial Park And Arboretum. To ensure the best location availability, please contact us today using the request form below or call us at (631) 249-6100.

What options do you have with
pre-purchased property?

For those who have made the important decision to plan ahead and are already memorial property owners or currently making payments for a memorial property at Pinelawn Memorial Park And Arboretum, you have a few additional options to consider.

Pinelawn Memorial Memorial Park And Arboretum offers complimentary counseling for all property owners who wish to inquire about:
• Changing memorial property to one that may be more preferable
• Securing additional property for family members and loved ones close to where your current property is located


For immediate attention call (631) 249-6100 x0
Please send me, without obligation, a FREE copy of Let's Face It Now as well as complete information and pricing about pre-planning memorial property at Pinelawn Memorial Park.
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